9 thoughts on “peter & paul”

  1. Know the Bugs Bunny ‘shot the Wabbit’ opera … where bugs raises his head after the tragic aria ‘I shot the Wabbit’ to say: ‘Opera is always tragic! What did you expect?’

  2. Aw, shucks, Gwanny! You’re no fun. I bet you even stop your Puddy Tat from chasing the Tweety Birds!

    Relax. The bunnies are safe for 2 good reasons. Firstly, my limited interaction with things that go bang at the Grouse revealed that I am as good a shot as Uncle Elmer of Burbank CA. And secondly, not being a resident of any of the 13 former Colonies of His Late Britannic Majesty King George, I don’t have the Constituional Right to bear arms and no Chief Constable of Her Present Britannic Majesty is every going to be loopy enough whilst in office to give me a firearms licence!


    Fr Dougal E. Fudd (Jr)

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