advice, please

So, is Sex in the City worth seeing if going to the cinema means having to drive around the Rest and be Thankful at midnight?

Reader, do tell.

11 thoughts on “advice, please”

  1. Probably not. I enjoyed it (more than I expected to), but the Rest and Be Thankful run seems like a high price to pay for what is essentially fluff. I’d wait for the DVD. The new Narnia film might be another matter, but I haven’t seen it yet so can’t comment.

  2. I would say to give it a shot. It’s quite long, though, and probably nothing that you couldn’t have thought up yourself, but it was worth it for the part in the spa in Mexico. Enjoy!

  3. True, there is something charmingly ridiculous in the epic journey for the fluffy goal. And open consideration, yes, it’s best on big screen – all the glitz and glam and New Yorkiness of it all is best larger than life.

  4. Well, I opted out tonight. We shall see about Wednesday (trouble then is the car will be full of food for a church barbecue, and I will need to get it home. This is why I have only seen one film in two years of living in Dunoon. Hmm. could I still go tonight??)

    second thought: should I go tonight, or stop first to rant about Rowan Williams response to Gafcon. Decisions, decisions…

  5. Why not make a trip of it – come across to Glasgow one afternoon to see the film, stay overnight in Glasgow (treat and pamper youself), following day have a shopping spree before heading home.

    This of course would be almost impossible if the following day is a Sunday. However if you can get cover at your churches, joins us at St Mary’s before shopping and home.

  6. Sex in the City via Rest and be Thankful? At midnight?

    Am I the only person hoping that there is some mysterious allegorical interpretation of this blog post that, so far, others have missed?

    Is this a question about a film?

    Or not?

    [For the sake of our American readers, the word movie should be substituted for film in this comment].

  7. Kelvin, you know you needn’t ask. This is one of those rare times when there is only one meaning to the words I chose.

    So, was it worth the drive? No, not really.

    Was it better that sitting at home all night fuming over Rowan William’s first paragraph in response to Gafcon? Yes, definitely.

    But I am still cross and frustrated.

    (and before anyone gets too clever: that sentence is about the Anglican Communion.)

  8. If you love the Narnia books, don’t go and see the new Narnia movie. They’ve drained the magic and replaced it with battle scenes.

  9. I saw Sex in the city and loved it. Definately should be seen on the big screen as someone else says purely for the glamour.

    However, one that you may want to consider is “Wanted”. It contains an interesting theory on how fate is decided. I’ll say no more in case others are planning on seeing it. This is definately a big screen film though.

  10. Ah, now that’s the second time fate has come up this week.

    Fate doesn’t interest me. Only God and choice.

    (which is not to say the film might not be interesting.)

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