here comes the sun

4th of July BBQ

Those of you who have had the misfortune of seeing me lately will know that I have been having what my parents used to call a ‘grumpy day’. All week. I have been frustrated by what seems to be happening in the Anglican Communion; bewildered by the ease with which Gafcon seems to be claiming ‘plain readings’ of scripture, the 39 articles, and the 1662 prayer book as the clear standards of faith; and repeatedly tempted to despair over the future of the church.

But not today.

Today, the church was out in all its glorious eccentricity. Five year olds building sand castles, 89 year olds playing cricket, normally sensible adults wearing silly hats and flower lays and even a Hawaiian shirt. We played boules and Frisbee. We gathered in passing tourist from Australia and Germany, and a few locals (yes, I am counting the dogs) and ended the evening by passing our fire and marshmallows on to a family group from Dunoon who were just setting up camp.

At last a reminder of why we hold onto church (and not just God) despite all the nonsense.

10 thoughts on “here comes the sun”

  1. Aw – glad it was such a happy day!

    For me, it is just the fellowship, and the chance to talk to others who really do understand.

  2. Looks like loads of fun – wish I could have joined you. My other half refused to acknowledge what day it was, despite my constant reminders.

  3. We celebrated the 4th July by paying off the British National Debt at the new Castle Course clubhouse.

    Wish that we had been with you all instead of here on the east coast.

  4. Yes, Fr Dougal. St Jude is a familiar friend from my RC childhood (another lost cause).

    Now Zebedee, do you really think I’d tell you before hand of the 4th of July barbecue? I just know that you would try to make me sing the national anthem and talk about being American. I would be happy to celebrate St Andrews day with you, though. Say, at the end of the pier?

    Kate, you must come again to Dunoon. I’ve found a way to do Smores with American marshmallows, Hershe’s kisses and new organic biscuits that are closer to graham crackers than previous British options.

  5. Meant to also say that I would love to come back out to Dunoon sometime. . . was distracted by the loud music and poor singing coming from the pub across the street. Thank goodness karaoke night is only once a year (though impromptu sessions occur far more frequently than I would like).

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