twitchers ready

As we welcome various pre-Lambeth bishops around the province, a helpful reminder from Timothy Radcliffe’s What’s the Point of Being a Chistian:

‘The Church exists to gather people so that we may rejoice together.  Herbert McCabe OP writes that

we express our joy in bodily signs, by dancing, singing, or laughing.  We shout for joy, or hug each other, or turn cart-wheels.  Just how we express our happiness will of course depend on what country we live in and the local customs and traditions.  In parts of Africa you would express it in highly sophisticated and formalized dance.  In parts of British suburbia, I believe they manage it with a slight twitch of the upper lip.’

inner quot., God, Christ and Us.

5 thoughts on “twitchers ready”

  1. Is there any significant difference between the response of British suburbia and that of Conneticut?

  2. I was just thinking of a scene in the sitcom “Scrubs”.

    Elliott (the Lady Doctor) is talking to a patient:
    Him: “I can’t stand all this touchy feely stuff”
    Elliott: “Me neither”

    Him: “So which part of Conneticut are you from?”
    Elliott: “Hartford”
    Him: “Darien”

    I’ve been harbouring delusions for ages obviously…

  3. Oh, no. Not delusions. The scene from Scrubs strikes home. (and made me laugh. Thanks.)

    I guess when thinking about joyful Connecticuters, I immediately think of my best friend from school who is effervescent. I, on the other hand, might manage a smile, if you happen to be looking at the right moment.

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