slowly, slowly

The ‘flu is passing.  Slowly.  I thought I was well enough yesterday to do a few hours desk work and attend (not chair) a vestry meeting.  That turned into 6 hours at the desk, plus the meeting, and a giant lesson in overestimating my abilities as I crawled into bed exhausted.  So today I am not trying to work.  I’ve found the back of a kitchen cupboard I hadn’t seen for a while.  I’m looking for recipies for each of the varieties of bean and grain that have been lying there ignored.  I might do a bit of light hoovering before the cleaning party come to prepare the rectory for the visiting bishop on Sunday.

The congregation have been great, offering practical help and lots of encouragement (if that’s what one calls repeated cries of  ‘stop that now.  go to bed’).

I would feel better about a week of lounging around if I had the concentration either to pray or to read theology.  But I don’t.  So instead, it is cookbooks and Harry Potter, and a very happy cat.

11 thoughts on “slowly, slowly”

  1. “I would feel better about a week of lounging around if I had the concentration either to pray or to read theology.”

    ARGHHH then it would not have been a time of lounging and recovery.

  2. Having been away, I’m only catching up on the news of your unlucky contretemps (flu in summer does seem particularly unfair). Hope you’ll soon be better.

    I seem to remember saying in your hearing once that self-preservation can be a Christian duty: do take care.

  3. I have some wonderful fully blackened kettles…..

    I’m incredibly sorry I am not going to be there tomorrow, especially having read some of the lovely and very courageous things ‘our’ visiting bishop has said. If there is a moment, tell him how much one of your congregation regrets not being there, but she is just so so swamped with packing up.

  4. Black eyed beans are splendid in a hearty chunky spiced soup with coriander (spice not leaf) and lots of tomato.

  5. Yes indeed, Rosemary. Try it with cornbread.

    I’ve been making American baked beans in my black clay pot. Cornbread and slaw on the side. Something I could throw in the oven and then ‘sleep on’ before doing service booklets.

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, and hope you’re all the way better soon!

    And surely there’s plenty of theology in HP. . .

  7. I made a happy accidental culinary discovery tonight, in my bid to eat every deep frozen treat I can before I have to shovel the contents away due to the move. I had a few fresh mushrooms, but not enough to make a mushroom stroganoff. However the deep freeze produced some beautiful chestnuts – of course it is a general rule that chestnuts improve everything – but together they were really quite delicious as I think the ultimate vegetarian stroganoff.

  8. I hope you’re feeling better.

    And I am now feeling hungry after reading this post – and especially the last comment by Rosemary. Rosemary, do you send catering to Boston?

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