God’s good timing

Splendid service this morning with the bishop commissioning the lay team for the various roles.  Or at least, I am assured that it was.  I was too busy trying not to cough to notice much.

The treasurer did later ask if trainee priests were taught how to drink Lem Sip surrepticiously throughout the service.  He seems not to have noticed the liturgical use of hand-sanitizer before the peace and again before shaking hands at the end of the service.

And then, I left them all still laughing and talking with the bishop, so that I could get to Tighnabruaich in time for the next service.  But thankfully, I noticed my anwering machine flashing:  one of this afternoon’s congregation, saying that everyone else was away or ill, and that she more than willing to go to the Church of Scotland service tonight, and that I should stay home.  Usually, when it’s just one or two there, I say ‘no, no, that’s all right.  I’ll be there.’  But today (cough, cough) I simply said ‘thank you’ and counted my blessings.

That tiny congregation shows me a far greater level of pastoral care than I show them.

And — added benefit — this gives me a few hours clear to think about the Christmas carol service.  I’m already running eight weeks behind with it.

Or I could clean the house…

Hmm.  Which shall it be?

(ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
Dashing through the snow (tra-la-la)…

5 thoughts on “God’s good timing”

  1. Having been given the afternoon off (a gift of grace) isn’t God trying to tell you to go to bed with cat, hot toddy and asprin and get better?

  2. If you’re reading this you’re in the wrong place. Couch, my girl! God’s been doing rather well on the timing front this week, don’t you think??

  3. Go to bed or couch and get rid of that cold!!

    Hasn’t God dropped you a sufficiently large hint?

  4. You are all right, I was being foolish. But despite doing nothing more strenuous than napping and watching television, my temperature continues to climb.

    Sick day tomorrow, I fear.
    After that, we’ll see.

    Blog off too. I only logged on to cancel some of tomorrow’s appointments.

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