needle in a haystack

I am trying to find a complete version of the following single chant.  One of the congregations uses it off an old photocopy, and I have flicked through as many old chant books as I could find on my shelf (frustratingly, knowing that it is probably in the one I left in the States…).

I will try to do all the right things about source and copyrite later, but am right now trying to do a pew sheet that I need to bring to Rothesay tomorrow.

If anyone can offer a copy of the original — or a hand written version with parts, I would be grateful.

Hope to return to normal blogging soon…

4 thoughts on “needle in a haystack”

  1. The wonder of blogs. I posted this in a two minute gap between meetings because it was faster to post that to ring anyone.

    Two meetings and one eucharist later, I had a full copy of the chant sitting in my mail box (thank you Sumner) and a phone message telling of another copy (thanks Chris & John).

    Now, the only question is whether there are enough hours left to complete the mattins booklet as well as the funeral booklet and funeral sermon tonight. I fear not.

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