My parents never held out much hope for grandchildren, but I do a fine line in God-children and grand-cats. I’ve just come back from the North of the South where in two and a half days I managed to see two sets of friends and all of my godchildren. When most of my friends are scattered, it’s a rare treat to be able to combine a baptism in Darlington with an almost-birthday lunch in Corbridge. Great fun.

5 thoughts on “blessings”

  1. Scattered friends is literally a pain – lovely pictures to reassure one that you are enjoying the good things in life when and where they present themselves. So glad you had this break.

  2. All of the fun and only a tiny bit of the chaos!

    It was so good to see you…. and I’m sure she’ll forgive you for the basket thing one day!!!!

  3. P.S. Not sure about the “possibly related”, automatically generated post, though!

  4. I never look at the ‘possibly related’ posts. Care to comment further?

    Sarah — I am less afraid of holding babies than I used to be, but my no diaper/nappy changing rule holds.

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