on the map

A few weeks ago, as part of this year’s Growing Season, I invited the congregations to make a prayer map. The idea was to map out the various aspects of your life — people, places, projects, concerns — to act as a visual means of prayer. I also asked people to draw a map they were willing to share, so that we can put together a Prayer Book for each congregation so that when we pray for each other, we can pray with greater focus and depth.

A few people jumped at the idea — forming photo collages, flow charts, mind maps. But most of the congregation seem to have gone into hiding. Well, I’ll admit: I didn’t get to it at first either. But now I have. So I offer this as a reminder, or as a suggestion for those further afield.

Some of you may find yourself on this. Forgive the lack of accurate representation.

4 thoughts on “on the map”

  1. Pardon my genuine ignorance but what is the growing season? Liturgical or horticultural?

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