unchosen words

Yesterday I stumbled over the words of the grey book dismissal, and a trusty old-language loving member of the congregation called the right words out to me. Only she slipped and used the form in the blue book liturgy. We have been finding it harder and harder to remember the 1970 liturgy in the one congregation that uses it — further proof that chopping and changing between blue and grey is confusing for everyone.

But, since I teased said traditionalist about the fact that the modern words came so readily to her mind, I must now confess. After a somewhat extended time of prayer this morning, where lots of the strains of the church were present, the words that came were from prayer-book compline. I blame it St Leonard’s chapel in St Andrews, before they ruin it with electricity. In my world, compline is always candle-lit and sung, so the words I hear the words I was used to singing:

Whoso dwelleth under the defence of the Most High
shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.
I will say unto the Lord, thou art my rock and stronghold.
My God in him will I trust.

3 thoughts on “unchosen words”

  1. Ah Yes. Compline in St L. 10.00pm on a Thursday night.

    What more does one want from the Church?

    Yet what sadness that the all night bakery has closed never to reopen.

  2. actually, I typed it one way, the spell check corrected it, and i assumed it knew best! I’ll put it back.

    The word that really caused me trouble was grey/gray. But it seems I landed on the British version, since you do not comment.

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