slow off the mark

Last month we launched a new Newsletter for Holy Trinity Dunoon.

I must have been very brain dead, for it only now occurs to me that it should go on Holy Trinity’s web page.

The August edition is here (as a one off) and on the church web page (where you will find it each month).

Thanks to Maureen for putting it together and committing to the work of editing.

3 thoughts on “slow off the mark”

  1. Just stopped by, and as usual found something to switch my mind away from other worries. I’m completely biased in writing this, but I’m exceedingly pleased that Mac was in the first edition. It’s a really lovely way of letting people into a little of the world of Holy Trinity, and very well written.

  2. Thanks, Momisa. The person primarily responsible should see your comment.

    Sorry I’m missing these first few weeks of your new arrivals. Hopefully can remedy that soon.

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