seize the day

I’ve just sorted out my liturgical calendar through February, and my holidays through next summer.  But before I start the stressful business of ringing round to find cover, I thought I’d try a new approach.

This post if for clergy out there.

Would any of you like to come to Dunoon, Rothesay or Tighnabruaich for a weekend?  Accomodation available.  Warm welcoming house-cat — and congregation — awaits.  The following Sundays are yours for the taking:

  1. Sunday, 5 October — 10.30 am  Holy Trinity Dunoon
  2. Sunday, 23 November (Christ the King) — lots of options:  10.30 am Dunoon and/or 3pm Rothesay.  OR 11 am Rothesay.
  3. Sunday, 29 March (Lent 5) — 11am St Paul’s Rothesay
  4. Sunday, 24 May — options again:  10.30 am Dunoon and/ or 3pm Rothesay.  OR 11am Rothesay.

Well, it’s worth a try, isn’t it??

7 thoughts on “seize the day”

  1. Walking shoes or footwear that won’t tire your feet, midgie repellent (not MiDGie), it’s an amble, much like Blogging and Bluebells but in Keillour woods.
    I’m there both weeks, you only coming next week?

  2. Hoorah for the creative recruitment! I’d come in a second … if I were qualified and holy enough. Any chance future travels bring you towards Cambridge?

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