just humour me

I feel fairly confident when offering the readers of this blog serious poetry, tentative or challenging theology, even recipes and silly cat stories.  But this, this feels risky.

Is there anyone out there who has the generosity of heart to admit to liking musicals?

Musicals have re-entered my life (after a childhood in reach of Broadway) due to the timing of my Sunday commute between churches — just in time for Elaine Paige, who annoys me beyond measure, but who sometimes offers gems.

And today; well, today…

Just go listen.  Click on the link , then on ‘listen again’ and scroll 54 minutes in.   John Barrowman has stolen one of EP’s own songs to superb effect.

The link should work for a week.  The half hour of the show that follows has a far better admiration to flinching ratio than usual, with three stellar ballads.

19 thoughts on “just humour me”

  1. ah. The Music Man. Perhaps not the most likely starting point for appreciating the link.

    I rather liked Marion, and ‘pick-a-little, talk-a-little’ is all too familiar, but Harold Hill is insufferable. You like him, I suppose…

  2. Oh, yes! My grandparents love musicals, so I have happy memories of watching them as a child – most often on video – over and over again. I’m not anamored of the genre as a whole, but there are a few that I love: The Music Man, My Fair Lady and Meet me in St Louis. And anything by Fosse – you can’t go wrong with jazz hands.

  3. I love musicals, though it’s been years since I’ve seen one. The Congregational Summer Assembly, where we rented a cottage in the summer when I was a child, had one every year when I was growing up, and every other year it was a children’s musical, so I got to be in them, which was great fun. I think I’ve been in ten and in the orchestra for another. And then there was Godspell at Chatham Hall…

    I enjoyed Gilbert and Sullivan and South Pacific, but I think my favorite was Once Upon a Mattress (for which I was in the orchestra). I laughed through every rehearsal and performance, and I’d love to see it again someday.

  4. I love musicals – watching or listening or singing along or playing in the orchestra or being rehearsal pianist. Not so keen on acting/singing in them.

  5. Also a fan of the musicals, although I generally watch movie musicals but have seen several live musicals lately. Wicked was the last one I saw and it blew me away.
    I loved Rent, Dreamgirls, Hairspray, Chicago.

    I also love this version of ” I know Him So Well” puts a quite nice twist on things.
    Leave it to John Barrowman to do something like this and I say good on him for it.

  6. Angela, glad someone has listened to the link.

    Who knew we had a budding ‘Music Man fan club’ right here (though I think you can count me out).

    Sarah: fond memories indeed. The themes of diaspora in the willow song might have been taken a bit too seriously, though.

  7. Oh yes, I can confidently put my hand up to loving the musical!
    Can recall a wonderful last night performance of ‘Mame’ in London with Ginger Rodgers. Now that was a few years ago but I WAS quite young!
    Another memorable show was at Derby Playhouse twenty odd years ago ‘The Man of La Mancha’ Now that was stunning.
    Regretably child rearing has curtailed my theatre going latterly but methinks it’s time to curtain up again! 🙂

  8. Not only do I love musicals but a few years back I wangled a CME grant to go to a week on the theology of Musicals led by Ian Bradley of St Mary’s College St Andrew’s @ St Deniol’s Library Hawarden. Joseph is theologically illiterate – Any dream won’t do if you read the Genesis narrative, Les Miserables has real depth on the the theology of redemption and Godspell’s lyrics were written by a former Seminarian of ECUSA with a PhD in NT studies and is virtually a crib of St |Matthew’s Gospel in the KJV.

  9. Ahh, memories of Ian Bradley’s Theology of the Musicals course… very thought-provoking, and provided my favourite musicals moment…

  10. OK, it has to be said: while I like musicals, I am not at all convinced by ‘the theology of the musical’ at degree level. I’m glad others of you enjoyed it, but I can still remember the horror when that course was proposed.

    Now, theology of the musical as a Lent Course is a different thing altogether. My training rector did a stunning series while I was a curate.

  11. I have to say, John certainly does that song justice! suits him actually!

    I say Hairspray at the weekend! Bet you wouldn’t think that of me!

  12. not genetic, you say? you have a choice?

    ah well. I suppose God’s table is big enough for horse-flies, and Harold Hills, and all trouble-makers great and small.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tidy my bookshelves.

  13. God’s table and the world needs horse-flies and Harold Hills, and all “trouble makers great and small”

    Where would we all be without them?

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