run with the tide

Due to the unexpected response to the last post, I offer you another starter for conversation.  (and something more theological soon, promise…)

What are your best memories of a stage musical?  We’re looking for specific moments, here.  If we like this game, will play it again with plain drama later (we used to call those ‘straight plays’.  Do you suppose that still works??)

You can choose up to three moments.  As usual, I’ll start off in the comments.

8 thoughts on “run with the tide”

  1. 1. The last scene from Pippin, when the stage is stripped bare, the make-up is removed, the stage-lights are switched off, and you are left with a very vulnerable young man alone on a stage, singing into the dark. More specifically: the last night of the musical in my last year at Choate, with Matt on Stage, and all of us holding our breath in the wings.

    2. Bernadette Farrell singing ‘Children will Listen’ in Into the Woods.

    3. Walking into the Winter Garden theatre in 1983, and seeing it transformed for Cats. This is one of the ‘you had to be there’ moments. We’ve got used to shows that re-do the whole theatre, but then, when every previous experience of walking into a theatre was to lush opulence and a drawn curtain, walking into the dark, cluttered space of Cats was exciting beyond measure.

    (this is hard. There are so many other moments vying for the top three…)

  2. Jesus Christ Superstar – seeing members of the audience sobbing at the crucifixion scene. Theatre has the chance of bringing stories to life and you watch again as if it were for the very first time.

  3. 1. Somewhere in Edinburgh, at a school’s matinee performance of Joseph with my Theology of the Musica class behaving very badly and confusing the schoolchildren.

    2. Being chatted up by a randy tomcat midway through Cats in Aberdeen.

    I am still waiting to have a third moment…

  4. Christina — a fellow Cat’s victim! The second time I saw Cats as a very shy teenager I had a mortifying few minutes as I was swept up on stage. I hated it deeply, but even at the time thought ‘he is so good at this. how did I get here? how did he get me onto this stage?’

    (there, that’s my ‘least favourite moment of a musical’).

    Fr Dougal — you mean Morag’s two, yes?

  5. It is not really an on stage experience – but there is a family tradition of a conga to ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ (Sound of Music) – one New Year we were congaing round the large kitchen at about 1am with the tune belting out fortissimo, and my sober bearded husband in the advanced guard (picture a mix of Fidel Castro and Abe Lincoln), and the rest of us, five children and their partners, in the tail. A knock on the window, and the faces of our most respectable and least beloved neighbours. Sudden silence – instant emptiness, and I alone facing the neighbours who said: ‘We did think we had heard music…..We thought we saw you……’

  6. sadly I meant Christina’s – my mind wasn’t on higher things at the time. But as a very young kid at my 1st ever amatuer musical I was utterly transfixed by “Secret Love” in “Annie Get your Gun”. sort of when I fell in love with the genre aged 7.

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