the land of Lemsips

This is just a quick note to say I am still alive.

Coughing and hiding under blankets, but still here.  Those of you who read Ruth’s blog will know she turned her recent illness into a book festival.  Hoping to do the same for part of today and tomorrow, though there is also great need to wade through the props that remain from the Michaelmas event and the suitcases that haven’t been unpacked.

Still, it’s not all bad.  The vestry got an unexpected night off last night, which I hope they enjoyed; and Molly was so blissfully asleep on my lap that she nearly fell off.

Now, what shall I read?  I’ve read Dave Walker’s recent My Pew: things I have seen from it, and the related What I am doing here?, a beginners guide to church (well worth a look).   I think liturgy next, then a book on transitions.  If I make it all the way to systematics, you will know I am feeling better.

5 thoughts on “the land of Lemsips”

  1. Glad you’re back, and glad Molly is happy to be home again. Not so glad to hear of your cold but I hope it doesn’t last long. :o)

  2. Yes, but you were more ill. I did this cold all backwards: tried to ignore it for a week, then collapsed when I saw the error of my ways. And I had just been on holiday…

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