Advent blog

It’s time to decide if the SEC Advent blog Love Blooms Bright will return again this year.

I am looking for six volunteers who are willing to ‘take a day’ for the four weeks of Advent.  Your job is to ensure there is a post on your day.   That means you can write something, quote something, or offer an image; or, you can find someone to write for you that day.

We also welcome those who wish to contibute one or more posts, but who do not want the responsibilty of ‘a day a week’.

If you would like to help, please respond in the comments or email me.

If you enjoyed reading the blog and are hoping it returns, we’d be glad to hear that too.

Please pass word on to anyone who might be interested.  As you know, I haven’t been blogging much lately, and inevitably some readers have drifted away.

16 thoughts on “Advent blog”

  1. I loved reading all the different entries last year. If I can helpfully contribute (and not keep anyone else off) I’d be happy to join in again.

  2. I would happily join in – I am not sure if I want to be responsible for a day in a week as Advent time is sadly full of essay deadlines but I’d deffo be interested in doing the odd post. Let me think about it…

  3. With my eye about to be seen to and the resulting 2 weeks off work, I think I’d better decline. But happy to contribute from time to time.

  4. I’m happy to take part (and very glad that you’re hoping to do it again – I considered emailing you about it but didn’t want to put the pressure on….).

  5. I’m afraid I’m neither good, nor a man, but I’d be happy to be involved as well – either with a day per week or as a guerilla blogger.

  6. Welcome, Christine.

    Though the Advent and Lent blogs are conceived primarily as ‘Scottish Episcopal Church’ blogs, I can’t imagine anything more episcopalian that welcoming anyone who wishes to take part.

    I’ll be in touch by email so we can ‘talk’ a bit more.

  7. Hi Kimberly,

    I’d be happy to take part and I’ll try not to miss my slot this time! Can you offer an email address not btinternet in case our domain names are still not talking?



  8. I’ll pitch in for the male side again, and I’ll come in with better posts this year!

    Actually, it may be either my brother or myself, bit of variety.

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