a multitude of saints

All week, an unfamiliar excitement has been stirring.  I’ve sensed it, but found no reason for it.  It’s too soon to be caught up in the glimmer of Advent.  There was excitement about the election, surely, but that’s not it either…  Pastorally, a bit of a tricky week, so no sense of excitement there.  A good week for friends:  phone calls all one evening, and a real-live-person on Wednesday.   But that’s not it either.

Then today, I figured it out.

It’s the chaffinch.birds1

Captains of fifty with their fifty, swooping in, feeding, fluttering, dancing before my window with all the speed of light glinting on water.  Their energy is contagious:  the local equivalent of the buzz of the city.  Much needed sources of joy.

Molly-cat is delighted too.

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