This is a question about Love Blooms Bright, but it seems better to ask it here.

On two of my computers, the main text for Love Blooms is a dark grey.  On the third computer it is somewhat alarmingly blue.  Are most of you seeing blue or grey?

There is a similar problem with this blog, but it is not as acute because the grey is lighter.

16 thoughts on “blue?”

  1. It’s a gentle gradient of blueish shades, using Safari on the Mac with colour-calibrated screen. Additionally, colours sampled from bg.jpg directly are #393D54 (bottom) veering on #0d0E12 (top), both of which are the blue side of grey.

    I notice you’re using a JPEG with no embedded colour profile, which gives a secondary problem that the gradient towards the darker top is quantized/dithered/blocky.

    If it helps, have a play with by all means.

  2. Grey small letters, dark blue that is almost dark grey for both the sidebars and the larger type.

  3. Good, it seems to be my computer.

    Tim, the background you refer to ‘came with’ the wordpress design. The time it would take me to refine it would be much greater than the degree of improvement.

    Like a lot of the older WordPress themes, it is in need of a good revision.

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