OK, given Kate’s last comment on ‘blue?’, how do we feel about it snowing on Love Blooms Bright?

I struggle with simultaneously thinking it’s beneath us, but loving the way it floats across the blue.   Computer Kitsch is so tricky.

This blog may be quiet for a few days while I focus on the second Sunday of Advent,  and then head South to be Fairy Godmother.

Goddaughter is 7 this year.  Could anything be more fun than shopping for (with??)  a 7 year old girl for Christmas?  The boys are still a bit young to care.

10 thoughts on “white?”

  1. And it changes direction – main post, one way; comments, t’other – as if the wind had changed!

    I quite like it, except that at teatime when the connection is slower it stalls in mid-air. And there’s a slight feeling of Second Life at Christmas about it …

  2. I quite liked it on your blog . . . not so much on the Advent one (why, I don’t know). I’m sad to see it go. . . .

  3. I agree with the Snow comments!

    I’d settle for “shopping for” the 7-year-old cos I can tell you that “shopping with” can be loads of fun, but also traumatically expensive, makes one feel old and underlines the fact that one can’t make decisions the way one used to when one was 7!!!!

    (And, let’s hope that the eldest of the boys remains uncaring of the shopping experience…..! He prefers lights and stars and all that sparkles. Perfect Fairy Godmother-type stuff!)

  4. When you head south to Englandshire would you like to go shopping with a 12 year old who has a birthday is on the 1st January.

    7s are wonderful 12s are even better but you would need deep pockets and a happy plastic friend.

  5. No, the really really deep pocket is required for the 18 yo who has a birthday 3 Jan.

  6. How about two teenaged nephews who only seem to do electronics?

    My seven-year-old goddaughter is much more fun to shop for/make things for, etc. And the possibilities are endless.

    Love my nephews, but it’s not the same come Christmas.

  7. There must be something about 7 lately – Sadie became a member of my family 7 years Sunday just gone :o)

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