new plan

I’ve just been reading Kate’s most recent post for the fourth or fifth time.   The image of domestic bliss and the faint whiff of cinnamon keep drawing me back.

So, I have a plan.

Forget bloggers and bluebells.  This year’s party is going to be a day of cookie making.  Not sure when yet.  Girls (and honorary others) —  are you willing?

5 thoughts on “new plan”

  1. Mostly cookies, I think to control oven flow. And yes, all blogging SEC cooks welcome. The knitters can sit in the corner and watch.

    If there is the will for it, I will do one short workshop on ‘proper American muffins’ for those from this side of the Atlantic.

    My signature muffin is cranberry and candied ginger. If you want to make it happen, those of you who live near the cities must go find a bag of Ocean Spray cranberries and put them in the freezer till the party. I haven’t been able to get any this year, though there have been lots of inferior cranberries around.

    In the mean time, does anyone have a good pfefferneus recipe?

    p.s. — I have just looked up speculas and learned that they are the star/ snowflaked shaped lacy things that Americans think from Pensylvania. I am so glad that is the case, because the only meaning I had for the word was rather different.

  2. YES!!! I will start looking for Ocean Spray cranberries. I’ll also ask my mum for her pfefferneus recipe – I have no idea how she made them but have very fond memories . . .

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