half way

Two Chrsitmas services done, two to go (booklets and planning, that is).

And then the sermon.

Just for the record:  do we think we know Lo how a Rose, or will I be singing solo?  (Rothesay…?)

4 thoughts on “half way”

  1. ER…no. But maybe it won’t be mattering for me? Or are you referring to “Es ist ein ros ensprungen”? Because if so , yes!

  2. That’s the one, but since the linguistic tendencies of the congregation lean more towards English, I thought we’d keep it simple.

    (and no, it doesn’t matter for you, unless you want to sing really loud, facing south, at about ten minutes past three.)

  3. I think it should be well enough known, and if not, then it should be, so go for it! I’ll be driving home then, so I’ll also sing very loudly, facing southwest.

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