I want to pick up two earlier questions, and try to pin them down.

Yesterday I floated the idea of a ‘things to try‘ blog.  I wonder if the idea would not work better as a ning, thus allowing everyone to offer suggestions, and a way for conversation to carry on as and when people choose to engage with different ideas.  So, the first invitation is this:

1.  Would you like to be part of  such a ning?   If I get 5 ‘yes’ votes, I will set it up, and you can invite others from there.

1.b  — what should I call it?   Hermione’s Heaven is tempting but probably too much of an injoke to be helpful.  Suggestions please.

1.c — does anyone have experience of grou.ps rather than ning?  it looks tempting, but I know nothing about it.

Invitation number two:  piskie bloggers baking day.  Is this a winter thing, rather than a spring thing, do you suppose?  I am happy to host in Dunoon, but perhaps someone more central would like to offer.   I’m afraid my dates are rather limited.  I can offer two dates in January, or else it will have to wait till after Easter (February is full, and Lent is not the time for it.)  So…

2.  You are invited to Dunoon for a day of making cookies, swapping recipes, and incarnating the blogging community on either Saturday, 24 January or Saturday 31 January.   Please indicate both intention to come and preferred date.

Sermon done, web pages updated, and still half an hour left before the newsletter arrives for printing.

Sunday preparation is so much easier after a week of holiday slow-down.

14 thoughts on “r.s.v.p.”

  1. p.s. — if left to my own devices (and if there is desire for a ning type group), I will follow my custom of liturgical names and call the group ‘bringing to wholeness’ — though I suppose that is not much less obscure than Hermione’s Heaven.

  2. Question 1.
    I think Hermione’s Heaven is the title to go for.

    But maybe Kimberly’s Kindred Kindness could be an alternate.

    Question 2.
    Count me in for the 31 January. I will have to put my thinking cap on for suitable varieties.

    As a postscript – I have now started my own blog. Not sure how it will develop at present.

  3. 1. I love the Hermione’s Heaven idea.

    2. The 31st suits me better, I think, but I’m not 100% certain I’ll be able to make it then, either (sorry to be annoying – I’m not sure quite what the semester is going to look like yet).

  4. A “ning” is a group site which can be restricted to members only if the administrator wishes. It allows for blog posts, a discussion forum, photos, videos etc. Members can upload a pic of themselves so’s others can see what they all look like.

  5. thanks, Chris. If we were to do it (and I think Kate was our fifth ‘yes’), I think it would be best to restrict membership in the first instance, but to encourage members to invite others. Then we can revise that system once we see if this goes anywhere.

  6. Three cheers for Hermione’s Heaven! Count me in. I can probably manage either of January dates suggested – and baking bloggers sounds lovely. Theoretically I would be happy to host a bloggers rendezvous in Glasgow, but my flat is not ideal for baking as the kitchen is small (two people can work with relative ease, three max) and the oven is dreadful.

  7. Two great ideas!
    I could only come on the 24th Jan, as I’m running a training session on Challenging Behaviour in Church (from children, adults always behave, don’t they?) on the 31st. Could host it here in Bathgate if that made any sense geographically?!
    Yes to the ning!

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