Hermione’s Heaven

… is up and running here.

This is very much a case of  ‘no harm in trying’.  If it works, the ning will offer the following:

  1. weekly suggestions (homework) offering something small to do.  Think of it as a perpetual growing season.
  2. groups on God-talk, liturgy, prayer, creativity, kids, etc where anyone can post ideas or ask questions
  3. a forum for conversation

In case you missed it, the initial idea for this group was floated here.   The name of the group evolved out of this post.

I’ve sent invitations out to any number of people.  If I’ve missed you, let me know.  If you have received an unsolicited invitation and are feeling a bit lost, would you join in anyway?  I’ve probably included you in the hopes that you would pass word on to others who might be interested.

11 thoughts on “Hermione’s Heaven”

  1. OK, I’m in! Question – these pages aren’t generally searchable by people outside the invited ring, right?

  2. Lots seems to have gone wrong with the invites. Must be bad typing on my part when I was doing so many.

    The pages are only visible to members — but you have no way of knowing who others will invite. I haven’t put the high security barriers on invitations, trusting that the community will evolve naturally.

  3. how do you become a ‘member’? I would like to join in please, even if I do live 300 miles away!

  4. invitations sent. It’s going to take a while to see how the site evolves and to figure out what we want from it. But the beauty of the ning is that everyone can help shape it.

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