Part of the Saturday ritual involves heating the eco-unfriendly front room, setting out the birdseed, and pondering the lectionary while I watch the flurry of wings.

Today, I thought I’d give them a treat:  piles of pecans and chestnuts for Red,  the peanuts and birdseed for the finches and blue-tits, and a few left over mince pies for Mrs Blackbird.

I poured my coffee, and went to the window to watch.

27 wood-pigeons.   27.   It took them all of four minutes to clear the lot.

I know I preach on full inclusion, but every once in a while other views are tempting.

5 thoughts on “hospitality”

  1. It would be within a fine old tradition in the diocesan clergy of Argyll and The Isles if you were to keep a shotgun to hand in one of your public rooms ….

  2. forget the gun… 🙂 try whistling in their language.. they will respond… but its understanding what THEY say..

  3. We have a similar situation with the squirrels and an ongoing debate among sisters about it. I cheer for the squirrels, myself, finding them entertaining, but I doubt I’d feel as welcoming if the greedy folk in question were pigeons, who are much less cute and acrobatic.

  4. Of course, in theological reflection, I would find my partiality completely unorthodox and my behavior in favor of cuteness to be of low moral quality… I’m sure I need more training in understanding and welcoming Pigeon Otherness and its perspective. Perhaps a treatise on the nature of pigeondom and its relationship to the Holy Dove, so to speak? How might this relate to Eucharistic theology? How can we call pigeonish greed into question while still maintaining treats for all? Perhaps James Allison, Woodstock (as in Snoopy’s friend), and members of the Fowl Consortium might offer a panel discussion and ensuing book.

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