My web time has been used up elsewhere today, but this is to let all you Hermione’s out there know that this week’s challenge is up.

The web is a strange and glorious thing.  For many of us, the experience of watching the Inauguration was changed by the ability to watch and ‘chat’ in facebook at the same time.  There was something wonderful about being able to watch, knowing that all your friends were watching too.  The result seems to be that Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds — in my world at least.  People I’ve not spoken to for decades have sent me friend requests.   Suddenly, I’m seeing photos of people I have never seen as adults, and remembering the taste of a chocolate cake I haven’t had for 20 years.  I had forgotten how much more diverse my world was before moving to Britain.  One gets used to ‘sameness’ and forgets.   I am glad that my world has suddenly expanded (again) to include friends with dreadlocks, liberal baptists, those who engineer the dreams of Disney, and concert pianists.   Did I really know I was giving all that up when I set out for St Andrews?

(still, there have been other things to make up for it; not least God and decent cups of tea.)

6 thoughts on “elsewhere”

  1. Isn’t it crazy how a funny little thing can open the door and breakdown barriers that are decades old.

  2. Somehow as you get older you discover that the things of then and the things of now combine to make you the you of now. You never lose them. Keep enjoying them all.

  3. I have heard rumours that God is also about in America. Not that we want to lose you to there.

  4. You could also make tea over there, I suspect. But possibly not watch the sun set from the West Sands, and see the little grey town grow dark, and head back for hot buttered toast.

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