emerging from boxes

Molly is here.  The broadband is working.  That must make it home.

Lots to blog about, but not till I wade through a few more boxes and sort out most of the rooms.

In the mean time, Mother Julian seems to be right once again.

4 thoughts on “emerging from boxes”

  1. Oh well done you and Molly – what does she think of it?

    It might be that thinking of the sum of all creation as a nut will help with all those boxes……. 😉

  2. Or the bit about having doubts about the validity of her vision and then having those doubts transformed into a deeper awareness of love? That’s my favorite part anyway. Not just all the good stuff – but that it took her twenty years to figure it out. But maybe that’s just me . . . 🙂 I suspect Ruth is right with her guess.

  3. Ruth was right with ‘all shall be well’. ‘Love was his meaning’ is someone else’s song, I suspect.

    I am still on holiday and not ready to be profound enough for the other suggestions.

    A slightly calmer Molly is sitting here on the desk in a sun patch.

    Now, time to order that refrigerator.

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