to very special people

Now, some of you will be wondering why you did not recieve an invitation to my Institution.

If you are one of those waiting bereft for a little ivory card to drop through your door, I have news:  you are special.   So special in fact that I thought I would write to you by hand.

Only I didn’t.

Which is why you haven’t been invited.

I’m sorry.

So, if I can do this without terrifying the vestry and catering crew at St Mary’s, please let this be your invitation:

My institution is next Thursday, 28 May at 7.30 pm.  We will be keeping the feast of the Visitation.  Clergy among you (don’t panic, vestry, there won’t be that many…) if you would like to robe would you please get in touch so we make sure we get the seating right.  The colour is white.

4 thoughts on “to very special people”

  1. I love the visitation – an added bonus to get to celebrate it. My sat nav says I will be there on time – let us hope the traffic (bound to be bad at that time) agrees.

  2. I will enjoy sharing an anniversary with you. (-:

    Glad all seems to be going well.

  3. Kimberly – have sent you an email re meeting on Saturday 6th June@ Kinross – but the only address I’ve got is “rector@stmarysdunblane”. Is that one correct? If not, please let me know….. Thanks!

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