I’m carefully guarding the concept of holiday as I fend off weddings and funerals and phone calls and callers to the rectory —
and in the same spirit, I am refusing to let myself think very much about what is happening in Edinburgh today.

But, while I will not think or let my mind engage too deeply, I will say this:

please pray for Scott Rennie today, and for the wisdom of the kirk.
It will be a terrible day for a lot of people no matter what happens, but please God, let justice and mercy prevail.

5 thoughts on “today”

  1. I have been longing all day for the wisdom of some of the great leaders of the Kirk of the past, Jim Whyte especially.

  2. Sarah — this is the very short version:

    Scott Rennie was appointed to Queens Cross Church in Aberdeen (Church of Scotland/ Presbyterian). It was not altogether predictable that that congregation would call a gay man living with his partner, but they knew him and they did by a very clear majority.

    In the C of S, that should have been the end of it.
    But people elsewhere objected, and the usual circus began.

    Yesterday, the General Assembly upheld his appointment.
    However, there is still an open question — to be debated on Monday– about whether gay people will be accepted for selection and ordination.

    More later, perhaps, when I’m back at work.
    Sarah– I’ll link your blog then too.

  3. Well, the Kirk got it right, but are we now looking at another schism in the making?

    On the subject of Mother Julian, is your email address the same as it was?

  4. Rennie comes across as a lovely chap but not the best at arguing the case. I trust that others with a better grasp of the scholarship will be speaking in the next debate.

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