5 thoughts on “post communion prayer”

  1. I drifted of to sleep last night wondering which of the two it was, and wondering if one can answer a tweet – for I would have written:

    There was a young man who said: ‘God
    Must think it exceedingly odd
    When he finds this tree
    Still continues to be
    When there’s no one about n the quod.

    ‘Dear Sir,
    Your astonishment’s odd
    I a always about in the quod
    Which is why this tree
    Will continue to be
    Since observed by
    Yours faithfully

    I flourished like the green holm oak in that same quod.

  2. She’s the white one in the corner.

    reputedly planted by Mary Queen of Scots. Though even if true, most of the tree that remains is several generations on.

  3. I was about to write, irritatingly, ‘but corner of where?’ until I realised that hovering over the photo told me. Silly me, I have not got your new stamping ground firmly illustrated in my head yet!

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