15 thoughts on “introductions”

  1. Elizabeth would be a front runner, I should think.

    Or Flopsy, Mopsy or Cotton Tail – assuming it is a good little rabbit.

    But … him? John might be somewhat ill omened under the circs. Zechariah is less ominous. Gabriel did a lot of announcing, so is a possibility, and Joshua, too, who laid out the Promised Land.

  2. Hmm. He’s still a bit timid to be an archangel, but let us live in faith:

    Gabriel it is.

    (and yes, like little car, he is a he. Most surprising. His ‘she’ lives across the wall, mostly in the grave yard.)

  3. She must be Azrael then I suppose….

    Kipling was most concerned about the ultimate fate of Azrael…. he is the most surprising of authors.

  4. Mary is all good – I could no more eat a wild duck than I could fly myself – though I did cull my own ducks. In happy pre-mink days I would otherwise have been able to walk across the back of ducks from one side of my holding to the other.

  5. If we are going for angelic names, I’m afraid I would choose Abaddon, but then I’m a vegetable grower and I know we wont see eye to eye on that!

  6. And I bet you thought the scones would have done nicely for a topping, if we’d just made stew.

    Clearly, I have been called here to defend God’s creatures from unnecessary harm.

    (and to preside. Did I mention I was called to preside? really, are you sure? was I quite clear about that?)

  7. The scones were fabby, as the girls amply demonstrated. Better than anything their mother has tried to bake! I’m not sure I would put them with rabbit stew though.

    Also to get rabbit stew from Gabriel you have to catch the wee thing. In my personal experience it is so much easier just to buy the meat from the butchers! So although I may appear bloodthirsty I think the wee fellow is quite safe, from me at least.

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