domestic affairs

Many a blog post brewing on Cramner, Dix & Mayhew; liturgy and presiding; prejudice against rabbits in the blogosphere…

But it’s my day off, so this will be frivolous tidings of great joy.

Molly has settled.

Really.  She hasn’t hidden under the bed all week.  She can get through a whole school day without her eyes turning into saucers during play time.  She has chosen her spot for cloudy days, and otherwise goes from room to room to room following the sun.

On other fronts, I have found a teapot.  Exciting, I know.  I found one a few weeks ago, you see; and I liked it, but it was too small.  Let that not be said about today’s purchase.  This one speaks of God’s bounty.



gratuitous cat photos below the fold.

evening sun


11 thoughts on “domestic affairs”

  1. I love the Molly photos. I do miss her. Every time I am in the Rectory, which seems to be most days at the moment, I expect to see her run down to say hello! I am really glad to hear that she has settled, not to mention you.

  2. My Marquess preserved all the rabbits in his gardens – he liked to stand and watch them – when guests remonstrated, he replied: ‘There are any number of plants that rabbits don’t harm.’ You are in good company.

  3. When it’s not your day off, thoughts on Cranmer, Dix & Mayhew would be much appreciated. I’m just started to research my ritual chapter . . . Dix is currently languishing in my study.

  4. This is why I will never be a theologian. I rarely consider theology good bedtime reading! Much less Milton!

  5. How well does your teapot pour? I bought a new one recently and it persists in dribbling when pouring. If it is a good pourer, I will need to get the details from you. Getting a good pouring teapot is a must for me.

  6. A good pouring teapot is the crock of gold at the rainbows end. Engineers, scientists and inventors have spent lifetimes trying to figure this one out. As a matter of interest the steel one we have is more or less dribbleless, but I think that is because the dribble dries up before it reaches the bottom of the spout and drops off, due to the heat of the pot, steel not being a good insulator. From the look of it Kimberly I doubt if yours is, (a good pourer that is) but if I’m wrong, then where did you get it?!

    I really should get out more shouldn’t I?

  7. Good news about Molly and the new teapot. Of course to get the best out of the teapot make sure that you only use Yorkshire Tea or the YT, tea bags that some use instead.

  8. no drips yet.

    and I prefer drips to burns (thus no metal teapots…)

    I got it at the very best of kitchen shops, Kettles of Dunkeld. Truly, if you haven’t been, and have any love of kitchen toys, it is worth the trip.

  9. A kitchen shop in Dunkeld – sounds like a trip is in order.

    I like nothing better than investigating kitchen shops whereever in the world I may be.

    A kitchen is not a proper kitchen with a good number of toys.

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