school holidays

Waved the children of St Mary’s school off on their summer holidays today, then went to pray by the river while everyone else splashed and played.

In my heart of hearts, I believe we should all get three months off in the summer.*

I think God thinks so too.

*(yes, that’s what it was a child:  6th of June – 7th of September.  Ah, the glory days.)

4 thoughts on “school holidays”

  1. Yes, please! Where do I sign up?

    I know three weeks is luxurious compared to what a lot of folk get, but it really doesn’t feel like enough.

  2. Am I the odd one out that I am usually well ready to go back to the academic year after the summer holidays. Mind you a 4 month holiday might be a little bit too long…

  3. No, Mary, that is exactly the point.

    After a long proper holiday, one returns to work eager and excited and works better.

    Now, I have the advantage of everything being new right now, which works similarly — but seeing all those ecstatic children still made me wistful.

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