5 thoughts on “bastille day”

  1. Indeed. And God send us the new bishops we need – men and woman of courage and leadership.

  2. See, I have not yet embraced the wonder of Tweetdeck or whatever it is that streams all interfaces into one. And if you must tweet your twitter on your website, than I must respond in kind.

    I’m v excited for the next installment of HP. Planning to see next week and so glad to hear that Alan Rickman delivers. As per usual. Ahhhh. . . . .

  3. Listen ladies, hands off Alan Rickman, because if ever he decides to ditch his present partner, he’s mine, mine, all mine. I recently re-watched Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, and really, Marion so made the wrong choice.

    Can’t download Tweetdeck, and twittering cumbersome and slow for me.

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