brief reassurance

… that I am still alive.  ( I gather some have been wondering.)

The church web page, which is still a long way off ready, has taken up most of my computer time.

But it is Monday, so I am full of the resolve to do better.

No weddings for a few weeks, which means lots of time for visiting and blogging, and doing all sorts of interesting things.

And lots of incentive to work efficiently, since my god children are coming to see me for a few days next week, and then friends are stopping by, and the other friends with my other godchild are passing through and then stopping again on their return from their holidays.

After three years of hardly seeing any of the people I care about, this summer is offering bounty beyond measure.

1 thought on “brief reassurance”

  1. I rejoice in double measure for visitors and god-children. Both that they will have you, and you them.

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