blatant exploitation

Dear reader,

I ignore you for weeks, then I ask a favour.

I’m off on my holidays, and have left all my email addresses at home.

I am trying to send those who are involved in planning Harvest Worship a message for their meeting tomorrow.  Therefore, if anyone reads this who can help, would you please tell Nerys, Lynn or David F-S that  I have added notes and a summary of our meeting to the shared google doc called ‘Bits for Harvest’.    If any of the above are reading this and want a copy in Word, then please email me on my wonderfulexchange address.

Ah, blogs.  I’ll delete this post once it’s served its purpose.

I promise that I will turn over a new leaf as soon as I’m back, and resume blogging on a regular basis.   Shocking negligence of online communications all summer!

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