what a difference

Strange the things we get excited over.

For one year I taught in a girls’ school in rural Virginia.  I found it a hard place to live, but it was a remarkable school, and it had a wildly disproportionate influence on my life.  Many of you will have heard me speak of it before.

Well, they have just received a gift of 31 million dollars from an alumna whose own life was transformed by the school.  It is such good news, and will help so many girls in more ways than any of us can forsee.

Just imagine the impact on the world of a community that teaches 100 people at a time to live this vision deep inside their bones:

Trust is given before it is earned.  Once given it must be maintained.

Imagine a community that teaches people to trust and be trustworthy, to value truth, and to hold themselves to it.  Imagine a world that could do the same.

A good day for Chatham Hall, and for all whose lives have been shaped there.

update:  O help!  They’ve changed the Purple and Golden Rule.
I’m sure the ethos is the same, but there was magic in what they discarded.

1 thought on “what a difference”

  1. Trust is the way children grow. Failing to trust children is a common mistake, as is failing to make it clear that you appreciate what they are achieving.

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