Several months later than expected, the new St Mary’s web page is almost ready.

It’s still hidden from search engines, but it’s time for an in-house show.

I would value constrictive feedback through the comments here (not on the web page).   My photo stock is very limited right now (so, you needn’t tell me that the header should have people in it), and there are a few things not quite done.

I’m counting on the congregation to tell me about the things I’ve forgotten to include or misrepresented.  But from my blog readers, I’m hoping for more general help:  is it clear, does it work, are there glaring errors?

It’s done in the free version of WordPress, as always, but this time I’ve pushed it well beyond any of previous attempts.

oh yes, and here’s the old one, by way of comparison.   I’m so grateful to the person who has been managing it for giving me much good will, practical support and a free conscience as I redesigned it.

and (p.s.) — I know the link to the Hall Calendar is broken.  Not sure why it’s coming up blank, but working on it.

20 thoughts on “ta-da”

  1. Cliff, did you realise it wasn’t this blog but the church web I was talking about? I linked to this post b/c I’m hoping that comments will go here rather than on the St Mary’s page.

    As for links here, they’ve needed redoing for ages. Maybe once the church site is completely running.

  2. I might have put the In Communion blurb slightly further up on the right hand side. Also, there is a typo here:”Many of our teenagers become young leaders in Radio Raibow and are trained for leadership in the wider church.” But that’s REALLY nitpicking!

    Other than those two wee things it looks really good, nice and clear, easy to find your way around etc.

  3. no, wollyhedge, I need that sort of comment. I can’t proof read. I debated long and hard about whether to talk about PYN on the YC page, but decided I had to wait till we got some of the young people here to go…

    I’ll play with ‘in communion’. The side bar has very limited formatting options, and it gets awkward quickly.

  4. I’ve had a quick look around and haven’t spotted any glaring errors. It’s beautiful and easy to navigate. Well done!

  5. Marvellous! Well done. Apart from the “missing links” already noted it seems good and responsive. It’ll be up to us to feed things into you to help the update. Another nit-pick of a typo: Community-Outreach-Ecocongregation & Fairtrade – you have Fairtraid in the body text.
    re your tweet – I’m sorry the prospect of my preaching is a stressor. I’ll try not to worry you too much in the delivery.

  6. Anthony it’s not your preaching that’s the stressor. It’s my not preaching.

    I’m not trying to defend the feeling — but the truth is that it has been over three years since I last presided at a service without preaching, and it feels odd.

    I’ll fix the typos later.

  7. Its a good site Kimberley, well done… I have not read it all through lack of time at the moment but I do wonder if you need two links in your top bar that seem to go to the same page in the “Welcome” and “Home” links?

    Also for me there were a few places where it comes up with “thin grey line500” or something to that effect instead of showing said thin grey line as I am assuming it should… I can look and give you precise locations if you want.

  8. Great stuff – you’ve ensured there’s a consistent style throughout, and I found it very easy to navigate. I appreciate the difficulty of deciding whether to have both a ‘Home’ and ‘Welcome’ menu link: it’s good to make the word ‘Welcome’ prominent, but you also want users to go back to the home page easily. I’d be tempted to remove ‘Home’ from the menu, given that the ‘St Marys’ text at the top doubles as a link to home. I guess you could reinstate it easily if anybody complains about the link back home not being immediately obvious…

    I also liked the choice of WordPress theme – nice and clear making good use of the virtues of the beautiful Georgia typeface.

    I reckon WordPress is the ideal content management system for small community sites: free, a good collection of themes if there’s no resources to roll your own, and it has many more features than it used to have. I’m looking for ways of integrating it into the set of content management systems I use.

  9. Mary — I’ll check that out. I had problems with one of the pages randomly not loading some of the pictures, but I thought I’d caught them all. Wonder what’s going wrong…

    Justin, you’ve spotted one the things that annoys me about word press.

    The ‘Home’/ ‘Welcome’ thing is not a choice. I wanted to call the page Welcome, but in the style I’ve chosen there is a locked page called ‘Home’ that seems impossible to get rid of or rename. (i.e. — it’s in the html, not the css, and I can’t get at it).

    I decided that I wanted Welcome enough that I would double up, rather than just have Home — but it is frustrating and potentially confusing.

    Thanks for the general encouragement, though. Now, about Coleridge’s tweets…

  10. Anthony – it is good for her…. honest. Remember, she is working on letting others be in control………

    [Kettle, pot, black]

  11. Hm, it seems then that the inability to shift ‘Home’ from the menu is a problem with this particular WordPress theme. Unfortunately, as you say, solving it would be a case of digging into the application code…. I don’t think it really matters though: it doesn’t affect the usability of the site.

    I’ve consulted Coleridge regarding Twitter, and although still engaged in the important research that has been occupying him over the past month (the nature of which cannot be disclosed) he is giving due consideration to the possibility of resumed tweeting.

  12. Don’t take too long tidying the new website up. The previous one is soooo out of date now! By the way I think you have done a wonderful job on the new website – it was worth all those hours of effort.

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