9 thoughts on “things other than pew sheets”

  1. you can tell Neil it was all the robin’s doing (with a little help from photoshop). he wasn’t quite in the right position, so I was doing one of those ‘over the head and shoot blind’ jobs.

  2. Thank you for the robin photo! Not only does it make me smile, but also I’ve wondered on and off what a European robin looks like, as I’d heard they were much different from the ones over here. Next time I read The Secret Garden, I’ll know what to picture. (-:

  3. Oh, yes, a very European robin – pugnacious, sociable , small thrushes. Both male and female have red breasts, we have resident robins, and also over-wintering robins.

    He is fabulous, Kimberly.

  4. Too funny. You mentioned pew sheets elsewhere. I googled the phrase, thinking I knew what you meant, but not being sure. Found this blog as one of the top hits for the phrase—lovely writing, so I made plans to come back. And lo and behold, it’s yours.

    A very merry Christmas to you!

  5. How funny.

    The blog hasn’t had much attention since I came to Dunblane. I keep hoping to rectify that.

    And now I’ve found your blog, so there will be lots of post-Christmas reading to do!

  6. My blog is really intended to be our blog, but it’s mostly Michael who posts. I think he’s got some good writing there.

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