dashing through the snow

So, I’m a timid sort when it comes to ice.

Last week I sugggested we candel the choir rehearsal and the 80 year olds all laughted at me and put their boots on.

So, not much gets me to venture out.
Not much, not least, when there are sermons to write and pew sheets to print off, and a church to polish and decorate.

But out I go, to buy sherry for the Midnight service, and to pick up the candy canes at the post office.

Liturgical necessities, you see.  Along with — it seems — small silver stars.

But next year, would someone please remind me that — if you ask them nicely and in plenty of time — Tesco’s delivers.  And they won’t even know they can’t get the lorry up the drive till it’s too late, and then the driver might just be persuaded to carry the box straight through the church door…

Off I go.

3 thoughts on “dashing through the snow”

  1. it’s the least I can do in the absence of any real content Jenny!

    I can’t quite bring myself to respond to your last comment yet, so all the best on this day of the ‘O Emmanuel’ antiphon.

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