The quality of light has changed just in time for Sunday’s liturgical trip up the mountain. In the past I have resisted transfiguration readings before lent, preferring to make a fuss in August, but this time the readings make sense. We need another flash of glory before committing ourselves to the long road of healing and transformation.

The healing began with incarnation, of course. God with us in messy humanness, calling us to love what is. Epiphany was about getting used to this new way if seeing- remembering how to see again, after rather a lot of murky mysteries.

And now, the light is back. It’s been many years since I’ve really looked forward to Lent. But this time I’m ready. I want to walk the town and watch the bare branches bloom. I want to find a chestnut tree and see the pentagons unfurl. And all the while to pray, to let the winds slough off the scabs of winter as the Spirit stirs up life.

Oh, I know: the winter is not over. There is a long road ahead. But today the light whispers ‘healing, redemption, glory’  and I want to say yes.

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