bread making day

Mother Ruth has just written to say that our bread making day clashes with her Diocesan Synod — and since this was her idea in the first place, I propose we look for another date.

Let the voting begin (preference, and availability please):

  1. Saturday, 27 February
  2. Wednesday, 3 March
  3. Saturday, 20 March
  4. Wednesday, 8 April
  5. Saturday, 10 April

I’ve included Wednesdays since quite a few of us seem to have flexible schedules and/or odd days off.

5 thoughts on “bread making day”

  1. oh dear. dyslexia strikes again. The problem is that 8 April is not a Wednesday…

    It’s not looking like a popular date anyway, so I’ll just leave the poll as is.

  2. Due to the death of my car, the earlier dates don’t look good – I booked to go to care for grandchildren and give my daughter a break with hubby on the 20th weekend. I could do either of the April dates. At a pinch I might do earlier dates by public transport. So the 20th is the only totally impossible date (Weekends better than Wednesdays)

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