8 thoughts on “ashes to ashes”

  1. Oh, but burning palms just smell so bad… However, that is rather a nice-looking natural set-up there, so perhaps you have enough breeze and outdoor beauty to make up for it. I assume that is not a recent picture?! Or don’t you have snow there?

  2. that was yesterday, Sarah. It was cold, but there was enough sun that I could stand there watching the fire without a coat. (though to be fair, in the same sun, I would not have stood watching an ice puddle).

    We had snow for most of a month. That’s about 28 days longer than it usually lies. It’s different up north of course, where the snowy winter has continued.

  3. Snow—– Down south we have had more than our fair share. For 14 years north oif the border we hardly ever were bothered by the snow but now it is another matter and more forecast for the next few days. You are so fortunate up there in Scotland

  4. lovely picture Kimberley…..
    I too enjoyed the process, finding it very meditative.
    My container was a very subtle tin foil container, left-over from a supermarket buy…

    For a considerable time after the first flames diminished I had to keep blowing very gently on the embers, turning the container this way and that, and breathing on it, just enough, to see the bright burn that would turn the last palm fragments into softest dust.

  5. Surely a finish with one of those cook’s blowtorches would be better than leaping around to the flames of an olive oil rinse? Still it looks like you would be a natural for the Scouts – most of our camps centre around keeping a fire going. Off to camp this weekend – still snow on the site we are going to.

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