not really religious

Now here’s a remarkable thing.

The church of England has set up a prayer web-page where people can submit prayer requests, which are then shared out between a group of bishops.

One of the requests is from a 19 year old girl in California.  She’s asking for prayers for her aunt, whose daughter has just died.  She says that even though she’s not ‘really religious’ she would find it comforting to know that people were praying for her… and then she goes on to describe Rowan Williams and John Sentamu as two of her heroes, and says how much she enjoys Williams’ poetry.

I find myself wondering:

  • how did she know to go to the website?
  • what has led her to choose ‘heroes’ from the Church of England?
  • what else is she reading, if she can respond positively to Rowan William’s poetry? — and who led her to the poems in the first place?
  • what does she think a ‘really religious’ 19 year old looks like?

Across all these miles, I wonder who she is and what God is stirring in her.    I bet it’s something much more exciting than ‘being religious’.

2 thoughts on “not really religious”

  1. I would guess that ‘really religious’ means a fair degree of confidence that there really is a God and meaning in the universe.

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