calling all novelists

I just stumbled across the web page for a church in Cambridge.

For those of you who might one day write  the churchy-novel the pisky church so desperately needs (yes, Elizabeth, I mean you), please follow the link for all the inspiration you will ever need in the choosing of names.  In truth, I suppose they wouldn’t do for a pisky novel (too English) — but such a splendid coincidence of names needs to be shared and celebrated widely.

7 thoughts on “calling all novelists”

  1. These names are indeed wonderful. And I still think you’re the one to chronicle the SEC.

    Btw, I made an initial foray into Starbridge over New Year, but I haven’t ventured further because I daren’t pick one up in term time. They’re too long to read in one go (and still do all the ‘must do’s’), but that’s what’s required!

  2. If you called someone Isabel Waspe in a book your publisher would tell you to pick something more real.

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