parrot blue

I promise this wasn’t a set-up.  Someone had gone home with a blue book yesterday (an accident, as it happens, but a practice much to be recommended) and it came back to us at Craft Group — right into the midst of our preparations for Mothering Sunday.

Today, the Craft Group set aside their knitting and needle point and teddy-bear stitching to make parrot masks.

And if you want to know why we need parrot masks for Mothering Sunday, you shall just have to come and see.

More photos of our fine feathered friends are below the fold.

3 thoughts on “parrot blue”

  1. oooh…I want a church where there’s a group to make parrots! That all looks utterly wonderful and I’m LONGING to know how the parrots fit into your Mum Sun service. Sadly I suspect I’m supposed to be presiding here on the day…

  2. haha i love the photo of mum :L 🙂
    i think you should cut me out of that photo cause i was meant to be cleaning not playing haha

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