all is revealed

A friend of mine talks about ‘the angel of the church’* — the one that expresses the basic spirit of the place, on good days and bad.  This friend is better at spotting angels than I am — especially if they come in unexpected form.

Well, today, the angel of St Mary’s finally appeared.

It seems she’s a parrot.

I should have realised sooner, I suspect.

What a good day.

*(my friend admits to stealing the idea from other sources, but I suspect our private conversations about it spin off in direction the original authors never intended)

2 thoughts on “all is revealed”

  1. There are wonderful wings on a parrot – I hope the angel uses them to fly. But parrots also have ingenious feet for walking. Spread your wings, angel, and let us see the wonderful colours. (Michael rustles and sends his very best love)

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