a bright jewel

Lots of you know that I have found myself rather unexpectedly compiling the provincial magazine of late.

I suspect the task was given to me a lesson in humility since it constantly reveals my inability to proof read or spell, the ease with which I lose track of things, and the huge gap between a good idea and a well executed reality.

Gradually, I’m finding people who are willing (and able) to write, and — most crucially — I have found the key player who can accompany me through the process, make up for my deficits, and keep me sane through it all.  But overall, inspires has been a source of more stress than joy — until today.

An idea for an article came to us on spec.  The email bubbled with enthusiasm, and we said ‘yes, please.’  Then, the artcile came:  formal and informative, respectable, but not quite the bright jewel we were hoping for.  The author was clearly not feeling confident, unsure of her genre — and said she was willing to have another go.

I sent some questions to nudge her in the right direction, and promised she could send me unrelated paragraphs that I would weave together, so long as her voice shone through.

Well, there is not a bit of weaving left to do.  From formal and hesitant, we have a lively engaging article, full of confidence and energy.

I love nothing more than to see something transformed before my eyes — and ‘scared’ to ‘shining’ is my very favourite sort of transformation.

I’m not going to tell you which article has so thrilled me, and the magazine isn’t due out till May.  But it will be there fore you, glittering and gleaming.  Such a shame I can’t show you the first draft so that you can rejoice in its transformation too.

5 thoughts on “a bright jewel”

  1. and you will be writing an article for me when, please? (we’re building up a file… )

    How about a short story? You know that a certain church on the hillside is just begging to be the scene of a murder mystery.

    you could even write it in installments.

  2. As this story tells you, it also reveals your extraordinary ability to coax work of exceptional quality from other people, and to enable them to achieve things they never dreamt of. You have a knack of giving permission for excellence.

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