right now, right away

Elizabeth has jumped in with such a lovely splash that I dare not lose a minute in response.

Her first suggestion is for a question game.  Do feel free to pass them around…

If your blog was a colour what would it be?

right now, I suspect it’s a dull sort of khaki.
At it’s best, its a deep sapphire blue, and I still dream that one day it might be dancing dappled shades of gold.

What clothes would your blog wear?

This is more difficult than I thought it would be.   It is hard to imagine that the answer could be anything other than ‘long swirly skirt’ — but I’m not sure it merits the swish, and without it the image was too Amish.  Can it be the twirling hem of a garment, please?

(ah, wait.  I turned this into an ontological question.  Well, too late now.)

If your blog took you on a date, where would you go?

my blog knows me well enough to know how very unlikely that is.

The only paradigm I have for dating is over twenty years old, and would involve me driving my blog to the bottom of the hill and saying ‘left or right?’

If your blog was an animal, what would it be?

a dragonfly

or perhaps (pace Di) a grey wagtail

And in honour of my pronoun game, if your blog had a gender, what would it be?

she is surely a she (of sorts)

6 thoughts on “right now, right away”

  1. Kimberly, I’m glad to see your blog back. I’ve missed it. Now if only I could get mine going again. Facebook and Twitter take so much less effort!

  2. I find I can manage twice or three times a week, blogging – more than that and it just becomes both burdensome and the content inane.

  3. It is wonderful to have you back – this is the most interesting of blogs – I agree it is a dragonfly, drawing flame – and I think your skirt should be chocolate brown with swirly insets of shimmering purple and blue.

  4. Yay for blogging! And I agree with Rosemary – brown is gorgeous – and definitely swirly – however, it’s your (blog’s) skirt, if you want it all patchwork of blue or somesuch, you are allowed. 🙂

  5. I would have thought you had enough of black from day to day, really …. together with little white bands. But as Elizabeth says, you can let the purple and blue swirl right up the skirt, if you want to.

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