hedgehogs, bluebells, and twitchy tails

Late at night, after a long but productive vestry meeting, I find myself pondering the following:

  1. if hedgehogs could learn to be quiet, would they need so many spikes?
  2. do pain and healing grow up together like nettles and dock leaves?
  3. were the blue bells more intense this night or last, and did they miss me?

Molly, is here now, and she says:

  1. are you ever coming?  you said you were,  and then you didn’t.
  2. if you don’t come soon, I’ll get cross and go away.  And then you’ll be sorry.
  3. (and so will I, but not as much as you)

1 thought on “hedgehogs, bluebells, and twitchy tails”

  1. I can answer for the hedgehogs, being in like position, usually. No, if only we could learn to be quiet …

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