I’m not a gardener.  I like the garden, but take a laissez faire approach to the plants.

In contrast, of course, to the garden wildlife, whom I talk to and fuss over and feed liberally with bird seed.  Usually, the handy ‘no sprout’ mix.  Usually.

But sometimes things spring up.  Just this morning, I stopped to admire a tall grass with a fine round head that had tiny variegated leaves.  What I didn’t notice what the plant growing next to it — a plant I ignored as ‘just another weed’.  Half right.

10 thoughts on “oops”

  1. No, we’re not growing cannabis-
    The plant the Rector found
    We blame upon the birds, who spilt
    Their seed on stony ground.
    O felix culpa! Happy fall!
    The weed sprang up, and grows quite tall.

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